Film Screening

We provide a private screening facility for your films.

We are home to production companies, advertising agencies, indie filmmakers, music videos, design houses, and media companies.

Victoria Theatre offers the best rates and the most flexibility for screening room rentals in San Francisco. The theatre can be rented by both individuals and institutions. Programs presented in the past have included: classes, private screenings, guest lectures, benefits by invitation or open to the public, and multi-day film and video festivals.

The theater has a lobby, which can be used for receptions, information tables, refreshments, etc.

Information for Film Screening:



491 total (Orchestra 308, Mezzanine & Balcony 183)


35mm, 16mm and Video.


Dolby Pro Logic Surround Sound.

Screen Size

24 1/2 ft. wide and 20 ft. length.



For more information and booking, call (415) 863.7576 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.